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How do I use the headband?

1. Make sure the cooling material is in direct contact with your skin.

2. The cooling material should always be wet, either by your own sweat or by pouring water on it.

3. Airflow is needed. Do not cover the cooling material.

Can I use my headband while training indoors?

Yes, but since you will not have the natural airflow generated when running/biking outdoors, you should use a fan to simulate it for an optimal cooling effect.

How do I maintain my headband?

The cooling material is fragile, and can chip easily if it suffers hard impacts. Please try to store it in its protective case when not in use. Also, it is very important to wash it after each use to remove any salts and oils from it, which can affect its cooling properties.

How long should I expect my beta unit to last?

Since this is a new technology, one of the main purposes for this beta program is to determine its durability. From what we have seen, the headband can last from six months to a year but it all depends on how frequently you use it and how well you take care of it. 

How do I wash the headband?

Soak your headband in soapy water, and gently use your hands to wash and rinse it. Do not use brushes or other hard objects to clean it. Do not put it in the washing machine. To watch a video on how to wash it, click here!

What if I feel that my headband stops cooling me while using it?

When you first put the headband on, the material feels cold because it is at room temperature and it quickly absorbs your heat until its temperature is almost the same as the one of your skin. Basically becoming an extension of it.

Since the headband is continuously cooling you thanks to its extended surface, your skin's thermoreceptors will eventually get used to this stimulus. Although you may stop perceiving its local effects, you should be able to notice its general effects on your body, like improved thermal comfort, reduced fatigue, lower heart rate, etc.

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