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Our mission is to accelerate the evolution of the human body, so that it can adapt better to the environment and surpass its natural limits.

We are the first to use the same cooling techniques found in the heatsinks of your computer and the radiator in your car, to augment the efficiency of the human body. We have developed a new type of material that amplifies the body's cooling mechanisms, by increasing the skin surface area by 5x

Shown to dramatically improve performance and comfort of the world's best IRONMAN athletes. Now it is your turn!


    We have opened up our beta program and are making a limited number of units available on a first-come, first-serve basis for as long as we have supply.



    Price does not include customs duties outside the U.S.


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How do I use the technology?

For the best result thoroughly wet the cooling material of the headband with water, swirl it around a few times in the air to drain excess water and then wear normally with the flat surface flush against the skin. You can wet the entire headband but for max performance only the cooling material needs to be wet.

The cooling effect is optimized when air flows across the cooling material so do not cover the headband.  The cooling effect will last for as long as the cooling material has moisture. The technology has a special coating that will absorb sweat to maintain the cooling effect, for an even greater effect you should add water to the cooling material regularly. The headband can never be too wet and you can never be too cool :)

How do I know it is working?

The headband will cool as soon as it is wet and the cooling effect will increase with greater airflow. When you first put on the headband the material will feel slightly cold but it will quickly start to absorbs heat from your forehead (and thus cooling you).  At this point, you may stop feeling a temperature difference because the headband has become an extension of your skin.  Although the skin's thermo receptors may not perceive the headband to be cold, IT IS CONTINUING TO COOL YOU!

You will experience the effects of this cooling through lower skin and core temperatures, sweat rate and heart rate, which in turn translates into better performance. 

If you have any questions about the best use of the Omius technology give us a shout at hola@omius.io

Can I use the technology while training indoors?

Yes but, because you will not be creating a natural airflow from running/biking outdoors, you should use a fan to simulate this airflow for optimal cooling effect.

How do I maintain the prototype?

The cooling technology can be chipped by contact. So be careful to avoid accidental contact with hard surfaces and whenever the prototype is not in use keep it stored in a protected place. 

How long should I expect my beta unit to last?

Since this is a new technology, one of the main purposes for this beta program is to determine its durability. From what we have seen, the headband can last from six months to a year but it all depends on how frequently you use it and how you take care of it. It is important to keep the headband in its case and avoiding hitting the cooling material with strong surfaces since it is fragile and it could break.

How do I wash the headband?

To clean your headband, soak it in water and soap and gently use your hands to wash and rinse. Do not use brushes or other hard objects to wash it..  Do not put in washing machine.  Let the band dry in an open air place. If you want to see a video on how to wash it, click here!