How does the technology work?

When water or sweat evaporates on the surface of the skin it absorbs heat and cools the body. 

The amplified cooling effect of the Omius technology comes from water being absorbed into the cooling pieces where it has 5x more surface area for evaporation. The transformation of water from a liquid to a gas on the surface of the graphite pulls heat from the inside of the cooling pieces which are in contact with the skin and thus cooling the skin.

Because the cooling effect is driven solely by water evaporation the effect will continue indefinitely as long as the cooling pieces are wet and have airflow across them.  

What is the material in the cooling pieces?

The cooling pieces are made of a highly thermally conductive graphite coated in a hydrophilic coating that optimizes the uptake and evaporation of the water that powers the cooling effect.

Do I need to put the cooling pieces in the freezer?

NO! The only requirement for amplified cooling is that the cooling pieces are wet during use, sit in direct contact with the skin and are uncovered so air can flow across them to enhance the evaporation.

For how long does the technology cool during use?

The cooling pieces will continue to cool indefinitely as long as they are wet, sit in direct contact with the skin and are uncovered so air can flow across them.

Why do the cooling pieces not feel cold after I have worn it for 5 minutes?

The headband cools via direct contact of the skin with the graphite. After about 5 minutes, the thermal receptors in the skin stop noticing the temperature gradient between the warm skin and the cooler graphite and instead perceive it as the “new normal”. But the cooling effect persists and can be detected by moving the headband slightly so the graphite comes in contact with skin that has not yet adapted to the “new normal”.

Does the technology wear out?

No. The cooling technology will work indefinitely as long as it is maintained with regular washes and care in handling.

Do I need to keep the cooling pieces wet at all times?

No. The cooling pieces can be stored dry and then re-soaked before each use.


I broke a cooling piece. How do I get a replacement?

Cooling pieces are by design fragile and will occasionally break through normal wear and tear. Replacement cooling pieces are for sale on the Omius website in 20-piece and 10-piece packs. Once you receive the replacement pieces simply push out the old piece from the headgear and insert a new piece in its place.

How do I change a cooling piece?

Each cooling piece fits in an elastic grid that is sewn into the headgear. First, push the piece that needs to be replaced out of the grid taking care not to damage the surrounding pieces. Take a replacement piece and gently insert it into the grid, again taking care not to damage the surrounding pieces while handling.

How should I travel with my Omius headgear?

For traveling you should take steps to protect the cooling pieces. The headband ships in a protective casing which can be used for storage and for travel. The visor and cap do not have a protective casing and it is recommended that you remove the cooling pieces from the headgear and store them in the original casing. Upon arrival you can the re-insert the pieces in the headgear

Can I buy just a headband, visor or cap?

Yes. Each variety of headgear is sold separately but still needs the cooling pieces to work properly. The cooling pieces can be bought separately from the headgear and easily be moved between different types of Omius headgear.

How do I maintain my headband?

The cooling pieces are fragile and can chip or break from normal wear and tear. The most important thing you can do is to always handle the cooling pieces with great care. Think of your headgear as a premium pair of sunglasses that you don’t want to scratch. Do not hit the cooling pieces on hard surfaces and always store in a safe place when not in use.

It is also important to regularly wash salts and other impurities off the pieces. GENTLY hand wash the headband and BACKSIDE of the cooling pieces using soft soap (dishwashing soap works great!). Rinse thoroughly to get rid of all the soap.

Do I need to wet both the headgear and the cooling pieces?

The cooling effect comes exclusively from keeping the cooling pieces wet but there is no harm in wetting the headgear as well.

Is sweat enough to power the cooling effect?

Most likely not but it depends on the sweat rate and ambient conditions. Sweat will augment the cooling effect but for optimal performance the headband should be kept wet with water.

Do I need to pour cold water on the cooling pieces

No. The temperature of the water is not important. The water will quickly adapt to the ambient conditions and the evaporation process will work regardless of the starting temperature.

Can I use the products indoors

Yes. The cooling technology works as well indoors as outdoors but you will need to have a small fan blow air across the cooling pieces to simulate the airflow you get naturally from moving outdoors.

Is technology only for racing?

No. The technology has benefits both at race pace and during regular workouts. The cooling effect increases performance and at the same time increases the comfort level and enjoyment from the workout.


Where can I buy the product?

The Omius products are sold on the Omius Website

What do I need to buy for techology to work?

The Omius products consist of either a headband, visor or cap combined with 20 cooling pieces. The headgear and the cooling pieces can be bought either as a bundle or separately.

Do you offer discounts?

We generally do not offer discounts but we are proud to be working with our Partners who may offer discounts to their members. Check with your Team and if they are not a partner then please have them reach out to and we will get them signed up.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards as well as express checkout with PayPal, Meta Pay, Google Pay and Shop Pay

How quickly do you ship?

We generally fulfill ordes within 24 hours.

Shipping times will depend on the shipping address and the shipping option chosen.

NOTE: International delivery times are not guaranteed due to possible delays in customs. 

Do you ship outside the US?

Yes. We ship to most countries.

Will I be charged tax?

For shipments within the United States, we collect tax in certain states.

You will also be due tax and in some cases duty on international shipments.

Will I be charged duty if shipped outside the US?

Yes for some international shipments you will be charged duties.

We offer one shipping option that charges these duties on check out and another shipping option that does and you will have to pay it on delivery.

Can I RETURN my product?

While we hope you are excited about your Omius product, we understand there may be times you need to return your product. You have 30 calendar days from the date you receive your Omius order to return your UNUSED product.

To initiate a return send us an email at and please include your original order number.

All applicable promotions, discounts, free items at the time of purchase will be prorated and applied to the amount of refund or credit

Return Policy

1) All returns must be approved by Omius Customer Support. Obtain your approval by contacting us at Items returned without approval will not be eligible for a credit.

2) Returns must be initiated within 30 days of the delivery date

3) All returned products and packaging must be returned in UNUSED CONDITION. Any product(s) showing signs of having been worn will be deemed "unacceptable" and you will be so notified. Unacceptable returns may be reshipped to you following payment of an inspection/shipping fee.

Please note that Omius does not reimburse shipping costs for returns or shipping fees applied at checkout.

5) If you refuse delivery of your order for any reason, you will be refunded the cost of your order less shipping fees.

6) All partial or full refunds will be posted to the original method of payment within 7 business days.

7) Omius is not responsible for items lost or damaged during shipping.

Return Directions

Step 1: Please connect with our Customer Support team at to arrange for your return.

Step 2: Place item(s) with original packaging and all original shipping documentation inside the shipping box. Be sure to include your name, contact information, reason for return, and order number in the shipment so that we can properly process your return/exchange.

Step 3: Ensure your name, address and order number are also on the outside of the shipping box, and ship to the following address:

c/o Omius Inc.
499 E. County Rd. 300 S. 
New Castle, IN  47362

Step 4: Ship via FedEx or UPS. Be sure to obtain delivery confirmation and full insurance if necessary. Omius is not responsible for items lost or damaged during shipping.

What is the WARRANTY?

Your Omius hat, visor and headbands include a warranty against manufacturing defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase. In the event of any such defect occurring during the warranty period, Omius will, at its option:
(a) repair or replace the product with one of the same or then current design.
(b) issue a refund.  

NOTE:  The Omius cooling pieces DO NOT include a warranty against damage or breakage as they are by design fragile and may on occasion break. 


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  13. Contacting OMIUS

1. Types of Information We Collect

When you use our Services, we collect different types of information from and about you. This information includes:

  • Identifiers: Information that identifies you directly.
  • Examples: Full name, email address, social media account information, phone number, billing and/or shipping address, your IP address, and other data that identifies your online activity.
  • Commercial Information: Information about your purchases.
  • Examples: Purchase history, products you’ve considered.
  • Online Activity: Limited information about how you use our Services.
  • Examples: How you found our website (e.g., advertisements, search engines, bookmarks); how you interact with our website (e.g., pages you’ve viewed on our site, items you’ve searched for or added to your cart while on our site); the type of device and browser you’re using.
  • Geolocation Information: Information about where you are when you use the Services.
  • Financial Information: Information about your payment methods with us, if applicable.
  • Examples: Credit or debit card numbers.
  • Inferences: Information we can determine or estimate about you based on information we collect about you.
  • Examples: Purchase preferences, characteristics, potential future purchase behavior.
  • User-Generated Content: Information you post on the Services.
  • Examples: Comments or reviews about products.
  • SMS Information: Information about Text Messages.
  • If you sign up for our text messaging program, cookies may be used to personalize your experience (e.g. send you personalized text messages such as shopping cart reminders).

2. How We Collect Your Information

We collect the information described above from many different sources. Sometimes, we collect information from you directly, like when you create an account or give us your credit card information to make a purchase. Other times, we collect information from third parties. The following explains a little more about how we get this information.

  • Information You Give Us. If you create an account with our Services, make a purchase, fill out a survey, sign up for emails, enter a contest, or review a product, you give us identifiers, user-generated content, and/or financial information. Sometimes, you can choose not to give us information. For example, you don’t have to sign up for emails. But other times, we’ll need your information to be able to provide you with the Services. For example, we need your billing and shipping information when you make a purchase.
  • Information We Collect Automatically. When you use our Services, we automatically collect some information, such as identifiers, geolocation information, commercial information, online activity, and inferences. We collect some of this information using cookies or web beacons. These are small data files that your computer stores with information about your online activity and how you use the Services. Sometimes we collect this information from your browser to help improve your experience with the Services, for example to keep track of items in your cart or remember your account preferences. You may have options to change your browser settings to choose how we can collect some of this information.
  • Information from Social Media. Our Services may give you the option to connect your social media profile to the Services or your account. If you choose to do this, you give the social media site permission to share with us certain information about you, such as your email address and name.

3. How We Use Your Information

We use identifiers, commercial information, online activity, geolocation information, user-generated content, and financial information we collect for the following business purposes:

  • Tailoring Your Experience with the Services
  • Fulfilling Your Purchases
  • Fulfilling Contests or Sweepstakes
  • Customer Service
  • Getting Your Feedback
  • Improving Our Services
  • Security or Fraud Prevention

We use identifiers, commercial information, geolocation information, online activity, and user-generated content for the following commercial purposes:

  • Contacting You with Offers or Promotions
  • Marketing and Advertising

We also use the information we collect through the Services for other purposes, with your consent. We may not always ask for your permission when we use user-generated content for advertising purposes. We recommend being careful not to post any sensitive or confidential information in user-generated content.

Sometimes we automatically use your information, for example, when we need to fulfill your order. Other times, we only use this information with your consent. For example, when you sign up for a contest or promotion, you consent to letting us use your information for that contest or promotion.

4. How We Share Your Information

We share the information we collect with different third parties for different purposes. We share identifiers, commercial information, and limited online activity with the following third parties:

  • Advertising Partners. To provide you with relevant advertising. We also provide select advertising partners and social media platforms with either personal information, aggregate or anonymous information (that does not identify you), or both to provide you with relevant advertising, or to limit the advertising you see on other sites or apps.
  • Storage Providers. We store some of the information we collect from you with third-party storage providers.
  • Service Providers. To help with promotions, Service design, and conducting surveys.
  • Affiliates and Subsidiaries. To allow you to access the benefits of loyalty, cashback, or other rewards sites you may be using.

We share identifiers and financial information with the following types of entities:

  • Payment Processors. To help process your payments.
  • Subsidiaries. To process orders with our subsidiaries.
  • Storage Providers. We store some of the financial information we collect from you with third-party storage providers.

When you post user-generated content, other users will be able to see that information.

We may share your information with another business if we choose to sell, buy, or otherwise reorganize our business. We may also share your information with government officials, as necessary, to comply with legal requirements. We may also share your information with other third parties, when you have given your consent.

5. Your Choices

You have some choices about how we collect or use your information. The following explains some of those choices.

  • Do Not Track Mechanisms. Your browser may give you the option to turn on a “Do Not Track Signal.” Our Services do not respond to all Do Not Track signals from all browsers, as we need to use some signals for internal uses, like completing your purchases.
  • Emails. You can unsubscribe from, or change your preferences for, our marketing emails. To do so, click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of our marketing emails. Even if you unsubscribe, we may still send you some informational emails. For example, we will send you emails about orders you make or updates to our Privacy Policy or Terms of Use.
  • Account Information. If you’ve made an account with our Services, you can review and change the identifiers you provided to create your account.
  • Cookie Opt-Outs. When you use our Services, we sometimes place cookies on your browser that allow us to show you advertising when you’re visiting other sites. You can click here to stop OMIUS from placing those cookies. We also place cookies to help us with your orders on the Services. If you would like to place an order without using cookies, please contact us at:
  • Third-Party Opt-Outs. If you want to stop Google Analytics from collecting information about your visits, you can download the browser add-on available here. OMIUS will still receive information about your use of the Services. If you want to limit how your online activity information is shared with us or other websites, click here. Not all third parties will participate in this opt out mechanism. The opt out only applies to the device and browser that you are using when you opt out, so you will have to repeat the process for each of your devices or when you use a different browser.

6. Choices Under the California Consumer Privacy Act

California residents have specific rights regarding their information. This section describes those rights and how to exercise them.

Selling Information. In the past 12 months, OMIUS has sold or disclosed the following categories of personal information from California consumers: identifiers, online activity, financial information, and commercial information. OMIUS sells your information, as defined by California law when we share it with advertising vendors who use it to help us provide you with relevant advertising. We do not sell your information for any other purpose. We do not and will not knowingly sell personal information of minors who are younger than 16.

Requests. As a California resident, you can make the following requests:

Access Requests. You can request that we disclose certain information to you about our collection and use of your personal information in the past 12 months. Once we receive and verify your request, we will give you the following information:

  • The categories of personal information we collected about you.
  • The categories of sources of personal information we collected about you.
  • Our business or commercial purpose for collecting or selling that personal information.
  • The categories of third parties with whom we share that personal information.
  • The specific pieces of personal information we collected about you.

To make a request, email us at:

Deletion Requests. You can request that we delete the personal information that we collected from you. Once we receive and verify your request, we will delete your personal information from our records. We are not required to delete information if we need to use it for the following:

Completing a transaction or contract with you.

Detecting security interests, protecting against malicious, deceptive, fraudulent, or illegal activity, or prosecuting people responsible for that activity.

Debugging our products to identify and repair errors to our Services.

Exercising, and allowing others to exercise, free speech, or other legal rights.

Internal uses that align with your expectations.

Complying with a legal requirement.

Other internal and lawful uses consistent with the reasons you provided the information.

  • To make a request, email us at:
  • Sale Opt-Out Requests. You have the right to tell us not to sell your personal information. If you choose to opt out of sale, it means that going forward we will not share your information with advertising vendors who use it to help us provide you with relevant advertising, unless you later tell us to do so. For more information about this right, and to make a request email us at:

Making Requests. Before completing your request, we need to verify your identity, or if someone else makes a request for you, verify that you have given them permission to make that request. We will send you a link to verify your email address. If the validation is not complete within 3 days, we will void your request and you will have to submit a new request.

Unless you make a request that is very difficult to respond to, we do not charge a fee to process your request. If your request requires a fee, we will tell you why, and give you an estimate of the cost.

We will not discriminate against you for exercising any of your rights.

7. How We Protect Your Information

We use reasonable administrative, physical, and technological measures to protect your personal information’s confidentiality and security as required by law. We cannot promise that your personal information is 100% secure. You use the Services at your own risk. If we share information with a third party, we will use all reasonable efforts to make sure those third parties keep this information secure and only use it in the same way as we have described in this Privacy Policy.

8. Links to Other Sites

You may be able to access other sites from our Services. We recommend reading the privacy policies of these sites before using them. This Privacy Policy only applies to our Services.

9. Children’s Privacy

You must be at least 18 years old to make an account or purchases on our Services. We do not knowingly collect, use, or disclose information from or about visitors under 13 years of age.

10. Privacy Policy Changes

When we make any updates to our privacy practices, we will update this Privacy Policy. We recommend reviewing this Privacy Policy regularly. If you do not agree to any changes we make to this Privacy Policy, do not use our Services. We will notify you if we make any material changes to this Privacy Policy.

We may have other campaigns or promotions where other privacy practices or policies apply. We recommend reviewing these practices and policies before participating in these campaigns or promotions.

11. Transferring Data Abroad

If you visit the Services from a country other than the United States, you consent to us collecting, using, processing, storing, and transferring your personal information across international boundaries.

12. Governing Law

This Privacy Policy is subject to the laws of Colorado.

13. Contacting OMIUS

If you have questions about our Privacy Policy, please email us at, or contact us at:

Privacy ManagerOMIUS, Inc.625 E. Main Street, Aspen, CO 81611